NATO Type Leather Strap

Original Handmade Watch Belt

For My Original Military Watch

I cannot be satisfied ordinaly leather strap or cheap NATO strap.
So I try to create original strap for my custom military watch with UK top quarity bridle leather.


NATO type leather/420mm/20mm width/Bridle leather made in England



Known as most durable leather, the bridle leather in England is used by major leather goods brands, Whitehous cox, Ettinger and so on.
I bought 20mm width tape of the bridle leather for outer and the serafini tape made in Italy is used for lamination not to expand.

Outer bridle leather tape   Lining   Serafini tape


Laminate the bridle leather with the serafini tape and paste with the tanned leather tape. At this time, form the pasted strap at some folding points.

Bridle leather and Serafini tape   Outer and Linning   Buckle side

The poor leather strap which I had bought before and the original belt which I was making in progress.

Sew the strap closely and speedy. If sewing slowly, it will be warped and become not beautiful.

eyelet   stitch

It is difficult to hand sew all 40cm on nonstop. But it is important to form finely.


Paint the edge finisher koteiIRIS made in Japanj on all edge and polish painstalingly over and over.
Make the thread and the leather become attached with a wooden hammer.