Flash watch with sweep second

I created a Flash watch, with a sweep second hand like a mechancel watch.
Roman index, blue daufine hands and small second.

You set this watch by coding a following tag only in your site.

     <script src="http://www.tokeizanmai.com/script/tokeizanmai.1.2.js"></script>

If you want to know the script, please refer the following code. I define the framerate 5fps, which is low-beat 18,000bph.

_root.onEnterFrame = function() {
     // create an instance of the Date object
     myDate = new Date();
     //rotate clock Hands and shadows
     hourHand._rotation = myDate.getHours()*30+(myDate.getMinutes()/2);
     hourHandShadow._rotation = myDate.getHours()*30+(myDate.getMinutes()/2);
     minuteHand._rotation = myDate.getMinutes()*6+(myDate.getSeconds()/10);
     minuteHandShadow._rotation = myDate.getMinutes()*6+(myDate.getSeconds()/10);
     secondHand._rotation = myDate.getSeconds()*6+(myDate.getmilliSeconds()*6/1000);
     secondHandShadow._rotation = myDate.getSeconds()*6+(myDate.getmilliSeconds()*6/1000);

I will create the center second type soon.